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It was Completely Falling Apart

Is your band aligned? Is it just a group attached to one person? Or do you work together? Do you earn from each other and take criticism and suggestions easily?

I have found this a really interesting dynamic working with different bands. I see some of them are completely aligned on their actions and strategies, some of them all work as separate pieces, and some have one fearless leader that makes more than 90% of the decisions on their own.

I’m not saying that there is only one way you need to be to make a success, there’s merits in having one designated leader and working fully together. But I would seriously watch out when the whole band operates as separate units.

I have seen it so many times where everything falls apart, slowly decaying when the members don't work together or act with any sense of alignment in their mission and actions. It's heartbreaking sometimes.

It shows in your playing whether live to a crowd or even just on your recorded releases. It shows in how you show up for your audience online, and your messaging ends up being all over the place which doesn’t look good and will confuse your fans. It’s fine if everyone has side projects too! But you want to make sure that you show up united as a band. Even when you have your designated leader.

The most important piece is that you have open and honest communication between members. If there is an issue, be sure you feel comfortable speaking about it with the band otherwise it’ll lead to resentment and the further it goes, the harder it’ll be to resolve.

When you come together as a united front, your fans will feel it, your music and performance will reflect it and your future will blossom because of it.

No matter how you decide to structure your band, make sure that you are aligned in your goals and that everyone is on the same page for growth. It only works when you work together, otherwise after a while, it will crack and fall apart. Especially when you’re getting started, you want to get the right people in that you can connect and grow with as people and as artists.

How’s the health of your band doing? Do you need some help with your band or maybe the next steps with your own career? Let me know!

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