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Music Monday!

This is what we’ve been listening to this week. Making our soul sing.

Some of these links will help us keep reviewing and running things here, some are direct links to the artists so you can get limited editions!

AL Di Meola - Across the Universe II - This album totally blew my mind to listen to. I am of course a huge lover of The Beatles - and listening to these beautiful guitar versions just made my soul melt and feel at ease. This is an album for anytime if you’re a Beatles lover - OR - it’s simply perfect for a quiet afternoon or evening. It is just pure beauty.

Get it here:

Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow - Leading up to seeing the Jeff Beck Tribute Concert at Royal Albert Hall this week, we have been listening to Jeff Beck A LOT. There’s not much to say beyond how much this album solidifies his genius, and timelessness. It is totally perfect and a very interesting and sonically pleasing album.

Get it here:

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Live at Royal Albert Hall - This is a 1970 performance with all of the hits you could ask for! There’s tons of joy in hearing this historic show played in such an iconic venue. The sound quality on this record is fabulous and it’s so worth picking up.

Get it here:

Depeche Mode - Memento Mori - This album is so cool. In true Depeche Mode style, this brings some new magic to their catalog of music and I love these dreamy, dark synth pop rock vibes. It feels so good to listen to. I think this is easily one of my favourite Depeche Mode albums.

Get it here:

Taylor Swift - Midnights - I can‘t deny it, I am really new to Taylor Swift (sorry!) I have known a number of her songs (without realising it was her!) and now, I have done a deep dive into this album and it hits hard. Like talking about Miley’s latest, I feel like this album is also so closely tied in the sort of mood and concept. It feels relatable, dreamy, and all of those thoughts and feelings you have that won’t exactly come out. I remember reading about this album when she announced it. I loved the idea of the concept so I knew I had to get this. You won’t be disappointed!

Get it here: - Vinyl (Moonstone) - CD Blood Moon Edition

As usual - you can sign up for Amazon music here To stream everything your heart desires and more!

See you Next week!!

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