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Creative Space! Music Reviews & News

I am SO excited to start this blog. It's been a very transformative year and it's exciting to finally put all of myself into this business and the dreams I had for it.

You can expect weekly blogs with music industry updates, inspiration for creativity, how to break through your creative barriers and our music recommendations - what we've been listening to each week! There will be links to buy the records we've been grooving to and book suggestions!

This year has been a ton of growth personally and professionally and I finally feel equipped to take care of everything.

Let's start with the basics - Heavy Metal Hippie Music is this:

The love of music, of art, and creative spirits.

We support artists in a management capacity.

We support musicians of course, but also artists of any capacity!

We provide coaching to grow your audience and MONETIZE your assets (so important!)

We work with people who are looking to grow their creative lives personally.

We love people looking to bring creativity to their careers.

Life is art... and we want people to have the courage and the ability to express it. To be seen by as many or as few people as they'd like.

We support you and your creative, artistic dreams!

You may have found me from already knowing me, from TikTok or Instagram or Facebook. I'm so thrilled you're here!

As time goes on, this will continue to evolve and grow, we want to have the coolest creative community around. Are you in?

Peace and LOVE always!

Ash - The Heavy Metal Hippie!

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