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Discovery Mode

Justin Hawkins - He’s our hero! Have you watched Justin Hawkins rides again on YouTube? I was watching his video a week or two ago about the new discovery program on Spotify. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what he said here!

I thought it was a very interesting subject with SO many aspects to consider. I think he’s right in saying - a lot of new artists would give up some royalties in order to be seen some more. I also agree that there has to be a limit to when it’d be revert.

My worry is - would it revert when you reach that threshold even if contractually obligated, or would it continue on the lower stream? Who qualifies for this program? I know larger artists likely don’t need it to start with, but what about those mid size ones on the verge of a true massive breakthrough, should they be able to sign up? Or should it be for truly emerging artists.

I believe there has to be some gate keeping because again - a lot of artists just throw music out and expect it to take off without any true work… many I think not understanding exactly how much needs to go into it to get people to buy in.

Should discovery mode be allowed? Is it just another way to “buy” yourself likes?

I truly have mixed feelings about it.

But it feels like a way that artists are just going to give up more and more - and like I say - a workaround for making people fall in love with you and your music to start with.

I had originally drafted this when I saw Justin’s YouTube video, but I have also since learned that it is limited for ONE MONTH and it will put you on certain playlists. You only take the reduced royalties if your listen comes from that playlist. If I went directly to your page and played your song, you’d get standard royalty payments. After a month, it expires and goes back to full royalties everywhere. I still question who should really qualify for this, will it actually revert to standard payments and is it just a work around for the work in making people fall in love with you and your music?

Let me know your thoughts below!

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