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Loving The Creative Process

Today we’ve been talking about enjoying the process of creating over on Instagram.

We all strive for perfection, and sometimes not even perfection, but simply just completion and you know what - that is okay sometimes. You may simply have the need to complete.

We all have deadlines we need to meet, we have times that we need to put something on paper, or just get something to start and go back from there at a much later date.

The problem is that when we are just working for completion and not enjoying how we got there, we will begin to resent the work that we’re doing. It will push us away from the projects and beautiful art that our soul wants us to create and we know that we have locked away.

One of the most beautiful parts of creating, whether it’s a song, an instrumental only piece, a poem, a story or a painting, is the release it gives, the steps that we took to build it exactly how we envisioned it. It gives a sense of value, of peace, of crafting a piece or yourself for the world.

Creating is healing and with that it gives us space in ourselves to continue to create and grow as artists. So while you may be rushed sometimes, make sure you embrace those moments that you can allow yourself to get lost in what you are working on. Your whole being deserves it and it will produce the most meaningful, powerful and proudest works you have created.

Make sure it’s not only about deadlines and meeting other people’s expectations. Make sure you’re taking care of your creative spirit and meeting your own expectations. Give yourself the gift of time to appreciate your subtle (or interpretive) dance on the path to creating your own magical expression.

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