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Lost in a Song…

One thing I’ve always love about music is how it can transport you through time and space to another time in your life or even to another life. There really is a song for every occasion and if you think about a significant time of your life - for better or for worse - You can put a song to it.

If you’re reading this - I am sure you feel the same way.

The songs that have become anthems for historic events, the soundtrack you played during your teenage breakup, that wild summer vacation, your wedding song, the old jingle from that mattress company… You know what I mean.

You can learn a lot about what was going in the world during that time for one. But it can evoke such a strong emotional feeling and like I say - time travel for us.

There’s a lot of songs that I have connected to people and places over the years subconsciously … but they just stick!

Some songs remind me of my mum and fun we have had together - Rod Stewart, John Lennon, Billy Joel, Me First & the Gimme Gimmes to name a few artists.

There are albums like No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom or Alanis - Jagged Little Pill that were some of my first albums that really made me think about growing up to be a badass and strong woman.

And don’t even get me started on The Beatles or the B-52s!

Music has had to go through a bit of a transformation for me over the last two years. I allowed a lot of songs to be ruined for me. Tied to very dark memories and painful experiences. It took a lot of effort, and a lot of help to get it go. To learn to love these songs I always loved again, to be given different versions - full of love and joy instead of being tied to humiliation, manipulation and shame.

I am reminded that nobody is allowed to ruin music for anyone anymore! Music should heal your wounds always, bring you to beautiful moments and to experience love, passion, excitement and joy.

Do you have any songs that send you on a journey that transcends space and time? Lost in a feeling or a moment of pure bliss?

Let me know! I’d love to know what gets you every time!

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