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Monday Music Edit

The Distillers - Sing Sing Death House - This is an album I have loved since I was a teen. It’s so cool ! Brodie Armstrong was a total hero for me growing up - she looked like such a badass and was such a strong vocalist. I still feel the same about her 20 years later. I remember seeing them live in Calgary on the Coral Fang tour and just adoring every moment of it. If you follow my TikTok - you’ll know I said I wish I could scream like that. It’s such a powerful release and I love it! This is an essential punk album!

Get it here: Vinyl

Cigarettes after sex: I had heard a few songs of their and I thought okay - this is really epic levels of cool. The vocals are smooth and sexy and it is certainly a vibe for a romantic and dirty evening. I was listening to this while working though and it definitely made for some good working and creative vibes. This was fabulous and I am excited to get deeper into this album.

Get it here: Vinyl

GLDMTH - This solo project from Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother. If you know me - I have been following Mother Mother for years and has been in my top five bands for all those years! This album, on gold vinyl - does not disappoint. It’s exactly the dark poetic magic that I would expect. That’s one thing I’ve always loved about Mother Mother and Ryan’s style of writing is that is is dark and heavy, but it is so light, airy and beautiful at the same time. There’s a special sort of magic about with this and I highly suggest you spend some time for a deep listen!

Get it here: (cd/vinyl and signed postcards available)

Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Oz - Recently picked up the 40th anniversary edition of Blizzard of Oz. Obviously this is a totally classic album. It’s incredible and finally getting this on vinyl made me so happy. It’s funny I hadn’t had a physical copy before (I don’t think! I’ll have to check if I have it on CD!) I love Ozzy though, I love how he is the prince of darkness but in a roundabout way sings about peace and love. Total magic!

Get it here: Vinyl

Do you like switching up what you listen to? Same genres / same artists? Or big changes? I like to keep it all well rounded here! Sometimes - I do get stuck on listening to the same tracks though!

You can keep it fresh with an Amazon Unlimited Music Subscription here and get 3 months free when you join!

See you next week!

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