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Music Edit:

This is what we’ve been listening to this week. Making our soul sing.

Some of these links will help us keep reviewing and running things here, some are direct links to the artists so you can get limited editions!

Elvis Costello - My aim is true. This album hits so beautifully each and every time. You know it’s a classic and every song is just pure magic. There is something so simple and yet complex about Elvis Costello’s music, but it’s always the right time to listen to him!

The B-52’s - WHAMMY - We got the limited 40th year edition which I am so in love with. It’s a stunning looking record to start with. The B-52s have been such a massive piece of my life, inspiring me for big thoughts, and instantly reminding it’s okay to just be yourself. It’s okay to be different. Whammy is such a fun album from front to end. You will love it!

The Darts - Snake Oil - This is a new release from the Darts, we are obsessed with this album and I have to say again - they are truly a dream girl band. If you like the sort of witchy vibes, 60s garage rock, and being cool as hell. You’re gonna love them. 10/10 Recommend all of their releases! =)

Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation - I have always loved Miley, and this latest album is a MF vibe. I’ve had it on repeat at home… (to the dismay of my son…) had my salon play it… telling my mum to download it. WOAH. This is beyond incredible.

Amazon: White Vinyl

Join Amazon Music here: for streaming on the go and get 3 months free!

See you next week!

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