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Music Gives

I’ve been listening to my Record Store Day wins over the past week, I feel so thankful to spend the time with it. Though I have a lot to get through in these new additions over the next bit, I thought we could talk about the hope and comfort we receive from music. I’m sure if you are here reading, you can relate to it. Music has probably been the closest comfort to me for as long as I can remember really. Probably from around 6 or 7… I have some musical memories that really shaped me today.

From listening to grunge with my older brother, experiencing the Beatles for the first time, listening to No Doubt and then the Spice Girls and realising how badass these women are or discovering the B-52s and giving me the feeling of safety when I fit nowhere else.

When everything hurts, and when everything feels like it could not get any more beautiful and magical in your life, music will be there to guide you through everything. What else will do that? People come and go, places, things…. But music is eternal.

It’s that hug, or holding hands, brings light and comfort in everything that you do and truly can change your entire day and your life.

In particular, I was listening to the Ramones RSD release of Pleasant Dreams and the way these songs were mixed, just… wow… I’m not sure why exactly I felt so overcome with emotion listening to it, but I loved it! Despite the familiarity of the songs, it was fresh and something so exciting to discover for the first time. Seriously - a like a kid at Christmas!

One thing I do know, is that music will give you that sense of hope and help you remember to carry on even when things look bleak.

As I’ve been sitting here writing this, a friend suggested an album I talk about on my TikTok Channel ( I love hearing stories and thinking about how music changes meaning for us over and over again through life. How it can sometimes lose relevance for a while, and then come back more relevant than ever.

I think about seeing Alanis last year - remembering when I was young and feeling so connected to those songs for some reason despite not really knowing what they meant - and when I saw her live finally, WOAH they hit hard!

What about those songs that come on, and they instantly make you feel fierce! Or maybe they are calming and warm… maybe they wake you up… More proof of a song or a sound totally changing our day.

Let me know - Drop me an email ( leave a comment, share with friends… I want to hear your stories of how music shaped you over the years and if you’ll let me, I’d love to share your stories too!

Whether it’s an artist, a song, a certain album… Tell me about your musical Time Machine - what you draw hope and courage from and so much more.

Until next week! Have a beautiful weekend! (And I promise - Music Edit MONDAY!)


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