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Working Together

You have to do the work - working with people means… working together.

I’ve seen it a too much with both bands who are just starting and others who are a bit more established. They want the success, they want the growth, and they claim to be hungry, but they aren’t doing the work, maybe they’re doing 25-50% of the work, but they’re not really pushing forward and taking things into their own control.

This can be for a variety of reasons of course, but I think it’s important to show that you are hungry and you are ready to work for it and that you are doing the work for it. There’s a ton of things you can do to engage with your audience as a musician, in the next while, I’ll be putting a free download up with post ideas for social media ideas and other ways to get your music out and grow. At the same time your raving fans or people working with you to help too.

If you have people helping you with your music, with your promotion, with anything related to your band, make sure you’re communicating what is happening as things go, you’ll get way more done working together than you would working alone. Embrace that help - especially if it’s free because as they say - it takes a village… In this case perhaps it takes a small army of dedicated and loyal people to help you further your journey. If they want to be there for you, be there for them too.

Remember - you’re not alone, and even if your efforts may not seem like they’re going anywhere - they will come together in time, when you’re engaged, committed, consistent and willing to accept help. Even on my own pages, I notice the difference when I am more consistent vs. when I’m quieter. Have you noticed the difference in yours?

Are you accepting help? Are you working with people that want to help you grow? Communication is key in every single relationship, personal and professional.

If you want to discuss your music and your growth strategy, get in touch and we can have a 30 minute call to see how we could help you move forward.

Until next week!

Peace, Love and Rock n Roll!

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