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Why are SO many songs Unplayed?

I was recently was reading an article from and it noted that 67.1 million of all tracks on streaming (just under half) - had less than 10 plays in 2022. Noting that there are currently 158 million tracks on the streaming platforms. This brings a few things to mind for me and it is highly concerning

One - How many people are planning their releases very poorly? Even the biggest stars on earth drop some hints and teasers for their new songs. If you are an emerging artist, I really believe you should be planning your releases with a ton of detail!

Put some structure and thought behind it if you’re wanting to release music.

Those streams, likes and follows and don’t just come in - they take work… And that is the biggest issue I see is that people aren’t willing to do the work! Please drop us an email if you’d like us to put together a full release calendar for you!

Second issue - and this one is harsh, but step back and evaluate if your music is produced well enough, and is good enough to be released? Or does it need some tweaking. Get feedback from your friends, your family, listen to what people have to say. Your song quality and production, is a huge part of the entire process and if it sounds low quality production while streaming, it needs to be fixed, that’ll be the first thing to turn people off even if your song is a banger!

I have a feeling that a ton of the tracks that have less than 10 plays could turn around with a quick reevaluation and tweak, or a proper release plan.

Have you heard some songs that just don’t click for you? Or songs that you think you could love but they sound … less than great? Let me know!

Can we help you with your next release? Drop us an email!

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