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You are not your music! Your Music is You!

You don’t just have to talk about your music when you are posting…

I have seen a ton of artists fall into the trap of ONLY posting about Gigs or ONLY posting about new releases etc. Most large artists even post behind the scenes, birthdays, family events (sometimes), nights out, and just life overall, what they’re up to. You can see this with any influencer, people just love to eat this stuff up. And it’s great that people do enjoy it so much! It doesn’t mean your whole life has to be online, but sharing insights of what you’re doing, what makes you tick gives people that connection with you that they want. They want to connect to you, they want to relate to you, they want to learn about your process, they want to see you and feel like they know you on some level.

I’m sure you can remember (if you’re of a certain age at least!) growing up, reading every article you could find in every newspaper and magazine, and watching every interview on TV or the radio, joining the fan club or anything else. That was our way to connect with our favourite artists.

Now, we look for our favourite artists in some of the same places, but the easiest and quickest is usually their instagram/ TikTok/ Twitter or facebook - and they will interact back sometimes!

I really think that a ton have found new fans and made loyal fans even more loyal because of this. It’s a lot of work - but it opens up new avenues for growth for everyone.

If you’re looking to grow your following - give people a glimpse into you! You can still be mysterious and ultra cool when you do.

Letting people see the real you is so important - not just in your music but also in your life. When people can relate to you, they will relate more to your music - and build you a very loyal fanbase.

Are you letting your fans in today? Are you making space for new fans?

You are more interesting and relevant than you might believe!

Want to talk some ideas to get yourself out there? Drop me a line!

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